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History of Acura

Acura is a brand well-known for its sporty models which encompass all the needs of an enthusiast driver while giving equal focus to luxury and craftsmanship. Every Acura model is designed to be as stylish and outstanding as possible. Acura’s distinct design elements and core values ensure that every car they deliver brings loads of driving pleasure, cutting-edge safety technology and utmost occupant comfort all in one sharp-looking and extremely desirable package.

Acura – The Beginning:

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Acura is the luxury division of Honda – one of the world’s foremost names in everything automotive. Since 1986, Acura has grown tremendously owing to their consistent production of appealing models which catered those seeking a driving experience balanced between sporty and luxury. Their focus was and still is to set new standards in design and engineering with innovation, aesthetics and precision engineering. In fact, the “A” badge which each Acura model proudly bears was styled to resemble a set of calipers – which indicates their commitment to precision and high standards.

What Makes An Acura:
Acura cars are known for delivering elevated levels of dynamic performance and an engaging drive without compromising on passenger safety or comfort whatsoever. Their engineering technology extends to cover a range of inputs to increase vehicle handling and feel, engine efficiency and refinement and advanced active and passive safety technology.

Acura Engine Technology:
One of the most significant contributors to the Acura driving experience is the engine and driveline. Honda’s expertise and prowess in this field is close to unmatched with millions of engines on the road having negligible or absolutely no failures whatsoever. Their VTEC – or variable valve timing and lift electronic control – is famous worldwide as one of the most reliable and efficient technologies ever; delivering enthralling performance and incredible fuel economy from engine displacements rarely classified as “large”. The smooth and high-revving nature of these engines and the fact that they deliver good doses of power and torque all across the rev range are hugely responsible for the thrilling driving experience an Acura brings you.
Acura’s transmissions are also amongst the most enjoyable with manual and automatic options available with various four and six cylinder engine combinations. Their Sequential SportShift automatic transmission is known to have one of the quickest and smoothest shifts in production today.

Dynamics and Handling – The Acura Way:
Improving the dynamics of a vehicle mean controlling every element which makes the car behave like it does. One of Acura’s technological highlights is their Super Handling All Wheel Drive and an advanced Vehicle Stability Assist which uses an array of sensors to monitor vehicle speed, throttle and steering position, lateral G forces and yaw to deliver a safe and stable drive without compromising on enjoyable and engaging performance.


Acura’s safety technology starts with their Advanced Compatibility Engineering which is the base for constructing the chassis. Rigorous crash and impact tests have yielded one of the safest passenger cells in production with highest rated safety scores for Acura from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) consistently.
Acura’s inclusion of brake assist technologies such as antilock braking systems with electronic brakeforce distribution and the use of larger brake rotors all round with cooling ducts deliver stopping power of the highest caliber.
Acura was the first manufacturer to offer an airbag as standard fitment before it became mandatory. Today, Acura’s sophisticated airbag technology with an Occupant Position Detection System and a pair of front, side and curtain airbags offers maximum protection for occupants of all sizes. Back in 2009, Acura was the first manufacturer to have every model in their lineup designated an IIHS Top Safety Pick.

Acura Car Models:
Originally in the late 80s and the 90s, Acura models were mostly Honda performance and entry luxury models spruced up and thoroughly redone to qualify as high quality luxury sports cars. The most notable examples are the Legend, the Integra and the iconic NSX which was recognized by many as an everyday supercar.
Come the 2000s and Acura released their TL luxury saloon, the MDX SUV and in 2001, the RSX – a car which replaced the Integra and went on to became a hit amongst the tuner community; the reason which led to its demise in 2006 with Acura wanting to focus more on luxury models than those mostly driven by teenagers.
Fast forward to 2004 and Acura introduced the new TL along with the new TSX; both of which went on to record top sales numbers. The Acura RL premium luxury saloon followed in 2005 which was aimed straight at the Germans – the BMW 5 series and Mercedes E class. The RDX compact SUV followed in 2006.

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In 2007, the first Acura designed in their US facilities was unveiled – the ZDX crossover coupe. It featured contemporary styling and a good balance of on and off road capabilities.
In 2012, Acura introduced the ILX – a new entry-level luxury car in a more affordable segment to invite more customers to take their first step in the world of Acura.
Acura is also present in motorsports and racing participating with several renditions of Acura models in GT championships, American Le Man Series and the 12 hours of Sebring among others.